the consultant lifestyle

Being a Heritage Makers/Youngevity consultant lets you earn the income you want with the flexibility you need. Set your own goals; work your business from home part time or full time. You can achieve your dreams while making new friends and earning exciting rewards, free products, and more!

The business is flexible. You choose when, where, and how you work. You can do it online, on the go, in person, or at workshops.

Whether you want extra income, a part-time business, or a career, Heritage Makers has the perfect option for you.

“My family knows they are my priority so they know that I am going to be in their classroom and at their events. I’m able to do a better job in those areas of my life, because I feel like I am working hard. I have an outlet, and I feel so satisfied by helping other people and running my business.”

—Chris, Utah
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the consultant lifestyle
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